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Nutrimax Veterinarian Recommended Sugar Glider Food


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The unique proprietary formulations of Nutrimax™ are the end result of literally decades of scientific and veterinary research - combined with over 13 years of practical growth, reproductive and feeding trials involving more than 10,000 Sugar Gliders.

Specifically formulated to work together to provide complete nutrition, Nutrimax™ and Vitamax™ produce both consistently healthy, happy Sugar Gliders - and ecstatic owners.

Made in the USA to ensure the highest quality standards.

100% Complete and Balanced for Healthy Sugar Glider Nutrition.

Over 120 Scientifically-Balanced Ingredients, including a wide range of essential proteins, vegetables, and grains.

Optimal Levels of important Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids to promote a strong, healthy body.

Up to 90% less expensive than other diets, at less than $4/month per animal!  


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