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*NEW* Multi Purpose Pouch

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This tiny pouch is big on functionality with an impressive list of uses for both pet parents as well as veterinarians. It's compact size and plentiful screening makes it perfect for trips to the veterinarian, where the animal can be easily handled and restrained through the pouch for ease of removal, or even to deliver a quick injection or treatment while keeping a visual at all times. It would also be extremely easy to place this pouch inside an anesthesia or nebulizer chamber so the animal doesn't have to be handled and stressed before procedures/treatments. This pouch is the perfect size to keep the animals as quiet and immobile as possible in the event of injury. Use it as you would any other pouch as well, for bonding, car rides, etc, with the plentiful ventilation making it a must for hot weather.

Approximately 3" W x 4"L


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